Sunday, August 23, 2009

Career: Working It

I had a great time performing in Hudson Shakespeare Company's production of "The Merry Wives of Windsor". The photo above shows me as Mistress Page with Tony White as Falstaff and Elizabeth Picket as Mistress Ford. Tony White is a good friend and phenomenal actor; I'm in awe of his talent every time I work with him. And it was an inspiration to be a merry wife with Liz Pickett. She's one of the smartest actresses I've ever worked with. I learned every day with her! In all, this was truly a talented cast and a great show. A big hug and thank you to ALL!

Theatre performances are over for me for the next few months as I work on finishing the college degree, but Liz inspired me. She's doing her own type of conservatory program by taking intense courses in the different theatre and film disciplines and working with private coaches. If I do that for myself, this year will be even more valuable. On Sept. 2nd, I'll meet with her Business of Acting coach to help me get my rear in gear. What I need is someone to keep me focused and accountable, to remind me of the goal, and help me make good networking choices.

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