Thursday, April 2, 2009

Why You Should Never Wear A Wig to Work

Her friends in the support group meant well when they suggested covering the hairloss with a fun wig. And she gave it a real try, sporting the ... thing ... for 2 full days of activity (work, audition, rehearsal). But watching her colleagues trying not to stare at it, was embarrassing and she could only imagine the jokes they were whispering. When her paranoia lulled, maniacal scratching kicked in. This high-quality, expensive lace-front ...thing... was the itchiest contraption she'd ever felt. There had to be a better way to hide the annihilation of her hair.

Back to braids, as usual.

1 comment:

  1. i love u. hair or not.. so much so, that i joined the no hair revolution.. lol

    its just hair.. its grown down to the small of my back.. and ive shaved it to my scalp. its just hair.. jeesh.. lol

    ur beautiful.. p.s. i get more comments on how beautiful my face is with no hair than i ever did with a lace front lol =)


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