Sunday, January 11, 2009

Hair Bootcamp

Huah!  She started bootcamp.  Hair bootcamp.  Silly?  No!  Not for her.  Not after finding a second bald spot!  Horror.   A disastrous combination of overprocessing and negligent care had resulted in clumps of her hair falling out.  It had been an embarrassing 3 months, but now she was taking control.  She would restore her "crowning glory" and beyond that, grow a long, thick, sexy mane.  This required a disciplined 2 year haircare program, and she was ready.  She was an old-fashioned girl, after all:  long hair equaled femininity.

No more myths about Black hair not growing...  K.I.S.S ( had taught her differently.  She took the pledge, signed up for the challenge, deep conditioned her hair, then commenced with the roller-setting.  Day 1!


  1. hi, who's the Nicole? has she ever been to Paris?
    is she the right girl I met in Paris?


  2. Tzena!!!!!! It's me Jacquie, from BAHS, cute blog...


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