Saturday, January 24, 2009

Eureka! The living-bedroom!

While researching reviews on a sofa she planned to purchase for her living room...

...she found a design idea that could change her entire home!  What an inspiration from Mette in Denmark:  
Using two twin beds as a sectional sofa that could convert into a queen size bed for sleeping, would allow her to create a den in her bedroom.  That would give her space to dance and practice yoga and Pilates comfortable, plus it would be a wider area for entertaining guests:  playing board games, watching films...  And the best part was that it would free up her narrow living room to become a true dining room/reading salon.  Ooooooh, she couldn't wait to try it! She'd already decided that February would be her Home "Renovation" month (quotes because it was a rental, after all, so structurally nothing would change, but she promised herself it would be a new apartment once she finished!).  She had one week to work out the DYI necessities before starting.

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