Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Epiphany Day

She'd made her resolutions, broken several already, but was determined to stay on the path.  This would be her year for change.  It would be the world's year for good changes!  Hopefully.  On the morning of Three Kings Day, she recalled the tale of the Three Wise Men who'd recognized the birth of a prince in a dirty barn...  She fancied her own three wise men guarding her at her desk (in the form of little jade plants)...

Three simple ideas to remind her to live to her full potential: 
thanks, possibility, heart.
Thanks:  Be always grateful.  For the great and the small, the miraculous and the banal.
Possibility:  Be always hopeful.  "No wine is more intoxicating than possibility". (Kierkegaard)  
Heart:  Live with passion.  Open up and savor every experience, never let autopilot kick in.

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