Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Cube LIfe

Lay-offs were happening everywhere. The dominant image was of people walking out of their workplace holding a box that presumably contained every personal item that had been at their desk. That made her wonder how much or how little of one's personal life people populated their work life with. She, herself, had a long list of personal thing she could never pack in a box and easily walk out with:
  • 3 little jade plants 
  • a vintage Danish kneeling chair for her back
  • a Vietnamese bamboo hat from a vacation
  • a power drill for a break-room project
  • 8 pairs of shoes (because women do that)
  • 6 bottles of wine and liquor from holiday gift baskets (she'd kept forgetting to take them home...)
  • a luggage cart someone had given to her
  • wrapping paper for last minute gifts
  • Stacks of headshots and postcards for last minute auditions and submissions to agents when she had a free minute at work to focus on her personal goals
  • 2 boxes of cereal (plus a gallon of Lactaid in the kitchen fridge) and a can of soup for times when she forgot to bring lunch and wanted to avoid buying lunch
  • a reusable water bottle, and a reusable to-go mug
  • a couple of paperback books people had given her 
  • a good luck pendant from her favorite Irish pub in Dubai...
Wow.  And that wasn't counting anything in the desk drawers.  
Did most people live like this at work or not?

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  1. Omg! my office is sooo much worse.. lol nice blog =)


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