Saturday, January 31, 2009

African Couture

  David Tlale             Fabiani               House of Machere

  Nigeria             Lesego Peega & Tart  Thula Sindi

Johannesburg's Fashion Week 2009 ended January 24th.  She dreamed of attending, but watched from afar. It was exciting to see an African perspective in the pret-a-porter and couture game.  She hoped these best kept secrets would soon be respected names worldwide.

Then it began!  Stoned Cherrie, a very hot South African label, was invited to New York's next Fashion week.  Will the world wake up to Afri-Chic?

Forget Warhol's Painted Negatives...

She'd been Obamiconned!  Play with Shepard Fairey's iconic image of the presidential candiate here.

Friday, January 30, 2009

Shoulda Been A Dancer...

Was she too old?  Was it too late?  While dancing in Quenia's Samba class she felt her calling.  
She wanted to live in those drum beats forever....

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Cube LIfe

Lay-offs were happening everywhere. The dominant image was of people walking out of their workplace holding a box that presumably contained every personal item that had been at their desk. That made her wonder how much or how little of one's personal life people populated their work life with. She, herself, had a long list of personal thing she could never pack in a box and easily walk out with:
  • 3 little jade plants 
  • a vintage Danish kneeling chair for her back
  • a Vietnamese bamboo hat from a vacation
  • a power drill for a break-room project
  • 8 pairs of shoes (because women do that)
  • 6 bottles of wine and liquor from holiday gift baskets (she'd kept forgetting to take them home...)
  • a luggage cart someone had given to her
  • wrapping paper for last minute gifts
  • Stacks of headshots and postcards for last minute auditions and submissions to agents when she had a free minute at work to focus on her personal goals
  • 2 boxes of cereal (plus a gallon of Lactaid in the kitchen fridge) and a can of soup for times when she forgot to bring lunch and wanted to avoid buying lunch
  • a reusable water bottle, and a reusable to-go mug
  • a couple of paperback books people had given her 
  • a good luck pendant from her favorite Irish pub in Dubai...
Wow.  And that wasn't counting anything in the desk drawers.  
Did most people live like this at work or not?

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Cold Weather Procrastination and Cobbler Sundays

Oy, the cold.  This was her 9th New York winter and the coldest one yet.  -9°C today, luckily no wind, but that was small consolation.  She had plenty to do out of the house today, but she would put all of that off as long as possible to enjoy the indoor warmth.  It seemed only fitting to bake something cheerful while gathering the strength to brave the weather. 
Blueberry Cobbler!

It was delicious and easy with this recipe!  Cobblers would become her Sunday tradition.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Eureka! The living-bedroom!

While researching reviews on a sofa she planned to purchase for her living room...

...she found a design idea that could change her entire home!  What an inspiration from Mette in Denmark:  
Using two twin beds as a sectional sofa that could convert into a queen size bed for sleeping, would allow her to create a den in her bedroom.  That would give her space to dance and practice yoga and Pilates comfortable, plus it would be a wider area for entertaining guests:  playing board games, watching films...  And the best part was that it would free up her narrow living room to become a true dining room/reading salon.  Ooooooh, she couldn't wait to try it! She'd already decided that February would be her Home "Renovation" month (quotes because it was a rental, after all, so structurally nothing would change, but she promised herself it would be a new apartment once she finished!).  She had one week to work out the DYI necessities before starting.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Thank you, Mr. President

Good morning, Mr. President!
Thank you.  Thank you for bringing hope when we'd become accustomed to bleakness.  Thank you for your composure when fear shook us.  Thank you for championing plurality.  Thank you for opening a new era of enlightenment.
We stand ready to serve your cause of unity.
We are rolling up our sleeves and taking on the hard work everywhere we can.
We will not stand by idly nor cynically, we will contribute.
We will rise to our great potential.
In the words of that effervescent community organizers' chant:
"We are fired up and ready to go!"

Photo credit: Time

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Voodoo Queen

Saturday night, she braved the frigid weather to see a dance show with a dear colleague and she was richly rewarded for the trip.  The show was fantastic!  Voodoo Queen is based on New Orleans folklore about a voodoo priestess.  Wow.  Soulful, sensual choreography, great dancers, entrancing music...  It was exquisite.   She was inspired!

Photo credit: VQ Productions

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Go out in this weather?

No, no, no!  -12°C?!  Without question it was much too cold outside to do anything but stay indoors, tuck into something warm and filling, and relax.  Recipe-less, she threw together an impromptu lasagna of chevre and ricotta cheeses, kale, pesto, homemade tomato sauce, no boil pasta sheets,  and fresh mozzarella.  Delish!  She scooped up a heaping, ooey-gooey portion, curled up, dug in, and started the Y Tu Mama Tambien dvd.  Thank goodness for Netflix and the indestructable nature of lasagna. 

Friday, January 16, 2009

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

What's in a name?

She marvelled at the power of self-reinvention!  Say hello to:
1. Barbara Kopetski  2. Michael Philip  3. John Carter  4. Demetria Gynes  5. Margaret Hyra  6. Robert Zimmerman  7. Eugene Orowitz   8. Marion Morrison   9. Issur Demsky   10. Caryn Johnson  11. Allan Konigsberg  

Otherwise known as:  1. Pamela Anderson  2. Mick Jagger  3. Charleton Heston 4. Demi Moore  5. Meg Ryan  6. Bob Dylan  7. Michael Landon  8. John Wayne  9.Kirk Douglas   10. Whoopi Goldberg  and 11. Woody Allen  

Story credit: Berliner Morgenpost

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Hair Bootcamp

Huah!  She started bootcamp.  Hair bootcamp.  Silly?  No!  Not for her.  Not after finding a second bald spot!  Horror.   A disastrous combination of overprocessing and negligent care had resulted in clumps of her hair falling out.  It had been an embarrassing 3 months, but now she was taking control.  She would restore her "crowning glory" and beyond that, grow a long, thick, sexy mane.  This required a disciplined 2 year haircare program, and she was ready.  She was an old-fashioned girl, after all:  long hair equaled femininity.

No more myths about Black hair not growing...  K.I.S.S ( had taught her differently.  She took the pledge, signed up for the challenge, deep conditioned her hair, then commenced with the roller-setting.  Day 1!

Falling Dreams

She'd been falling a lot in her sleep lately and she was certain there was meaning to that.  
A quick google search confirmed her own self-diagnosis.  Oh boy.  Plenty of work to do.  Then she recalled earlier dreams of flying and determined to reset herself on her goals.  Dreams really are free therapy sessions.  She had to learn to fly again.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Epiphany Day

She'd made her resolutions, broken several already, but was determined to stay on the path.  This would be her year for change.  It would be the world's year for good changes!  Hopefully.  On the morning of Three Kings Day, she recalled the tale of the Three Wise Men who'd recognized the birth of a prince in a dirty barn...  She fancied her own three wise men guarding her at her desk (in the form of little jade plants)...

Three simple ideas to remind her to live to her full potential: 
thanks, possibility, heart.
Thanks:  Be always grateful.  For the great and the small, the miraculous and the banal.
Possibility:  Be always hopeful.  "No wine is more intoxicating than possibility". (Kierkegaard)  
Heart:  Live with passion.  Open up and savor every experience, never let autopilot kick in.

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