Saturday, September 27, 2008

First Photo

This is the first photo I've taken with my newly purchased iPhone.  I'm not a gadget geek at all, but I had to have this phone for the one simple feature that no other phone had (why?!): Visual Voicemail.  I don't answer every call (yes, shame on me), so voicemails can pile up.  Visual voicemail is a godsend!  .....   Anyway, I accidently selected the camera function while the phone was facing my living room (kitchen in the background).  This was the first time I'd seen that room on a screen so I took the shot.  While it's fuzzy and not lit very well, I like it.  

It's humbling to see how tiny my living room looks, though.  My one-bedroom rental barely measures 450 square feet, but I've never felt like this was a tiny apartment - until seeing this photo.  Nonetheless, I'm proud of my little space, and I'm happy that everyone who visits finds it fun and comfy.  

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