Saturday, September 27, 2008

Curious George Indian Style

Last month I was in India.  There are plenty of stories to tell about that trip which I'll do by and by, but I've talked about "the monkey" so much that I had to post pictures now.
This wild monkey terrorized the Ganpatti Guesthouse in Varanasi where I stayed for 3 days. He was a large male who was always alone which is dangerous as they normally run in family packs and stay away from humans.  Everyday he would walk into guests' rooms looking for food and habitually trashed the dining terrace at dawn, tossing tables and chairs looking for snacks. He'd destroyed guests' property in his hunt and the week before I arrived, he'd bitten a female guest who'd tried to snatch her belongings from him!  As cute as he looks in the photos, he was a nasty bully.  (The hotel staff tried to scare him off with a stun-gun, but he kept coming back).  The monkey entered my room everyday via a terrace and tried to get into my backpack.  On the last day, he pulled the sheets off of me and my friend while we were sleeping.  The sight of that monkey running onto the terrace in the faint morning light trailing a flowered bedsheet behind him still cracks me up, but in that first moment we felt nothing but sheer terror!

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