Saturday, December 27, 2008

Hannukah, oh, Hannukah

It was the first night of Hannukah and her dear, patient friend had invited her to a lovely cocktail affair.  Her first Hannukah party!  Charming guests and a warm atmosphere made her feel so comfortable and accepted.  She worried about her gift of a poinsettia, but for no reason. It was a beautiful night.  She was grateful and joyous.

She did, however, make a note to herself to start finding dates for these types of events...  

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Breaking up is hard to do

She woke up sad this morning thinking about a special man she'd fallen in love with in the spring.  The 3 months of bliss with him were long over, but she'd dreamt of his warm snuggle and missed it terribly.  He'd been on her mind from the previous day when she'd cowardly told a new paramour via email that she was no longer interested.  As she shamefully sent that email, she felt a new, strong respect for that special man who'd done the right thing by having that uncomfortable conversation face to face with her.  And she was even more embarrassed by her horrible reaction to his honorable tact. 

Then she remembered her own words about looking forward, not back, and she got out of bed and started a new day.  A good day.


For the first time ever, she cooked the entire Thanksgiving meal and hosted it.  In her usual style she got off to a late start, but by serving time, at 5pm, she was beaming with pride at how well she'd done.  And the compliments rolled in.  

Dinner Menu
Salad of white asparagus, string beans, sun dried tomatoes, fresh tomatoes, and goat's cheese
Cranberry sauce
Macaroni and cheese
Turkey with bread and artichoke stuffing
Sweet potato pie with Ginger Snap crust

Every morsel homemade!

Her heart was full.  What else could she do that had terrified her?


I was truly embarrassed by that last post.  So pathetic to look back and ask, "What if?".  One of the many lessons learned on November 4th at 10pm was: HOPE.  That, by definition, demands focus on the future, not the past.
But, Maya, my...ahem... epilation clinician said it best the day after i wrote that last post, "Nobody is going to give you anything. Go out and make your own life happen."  Some people see Psychotherapists.  Some confide in their hairstylists.  My consigliere is my waxing lady.

A new change for this blog:  While I like the diary format, I'd like to experiment with third person speaking for a while.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

The one that got away

Never look back. I wish I could really live by that motto.

Too often I dwell on the could've-would've-should've.

Case in point: I googled an old flame yesterday. This was a hotshot finance guy (think Masters of the Universe from the movie "Wall Street") who I dated 4 years ago very briefly and extremely casually because he'd told me he never ever wanted to be married - ever.  During that time, he met a glittery, raven haired, self-made milloinairess from the mid-west with a royal title. He was enchanted. Within six weeks he dumped me, romanced her, whisked her off to Venice to propose on her birthday, then married her in an opulent three-day wedding straight out of Louis XIV's court.  That hurt.

So what did Google tell me?  The royal couple is now nesting in a lavish penthouse duplex... 
The bride described its renovations to the New York Times in 2004:
'' 'We will have three fireplaces and high ceilings,' the baroness said recently by phone from St.-Tropez, on the French Riviera, where she was vacationing. 'It will be very stunning, very open. We're breaking through all the walls. It will have a lofty feel but it will not be a loft. We want to go back to the glamour and sophistication of the 30's and 40's, traditional but with a nice urban edge to it.' ''  The photos above depict the finished product. (
They now have estates all over the world.

What would my life be like today, if...?

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Shakespeare in the Parks

Oh my goodness, how could I forget our Producer/Photographer/Actor!?  That's Jon Ciccarelli in a scene with me in the last photo below.  Thanks to all!

This summer I performed in Shakespeare's King John produced by the venerable Hudson Shakespeare Company and directed by my good friend Tony White.  Great times and a very talented cast!

Pictured above are:
James Pravasilis, Lawrence Frank, Tom Hedlund, Bjorn Pedersen, Jesse Stewart, Sharon Pinches, Kindel Ingham, and yours truly.  Clink (click the link to) the Hudson Shakespeare Company to see more pics and info on plot and cast.
Photo credits go to Katherine McPherson and Jon Ciccarelli.


Speaking of vacation made me think of my all-time best trip ever: Salvador da Bahia, Brazil 2006.  Aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!   Lots of great memories, but these shots might just be my favorite from that trip because it was a majestically happy day with new friends at a heavenly beach on a paradise island called Itaparica.
I'd love to go back, but things are never quite as magical after the first time, are they?  I'm sure I'd have a blast, but I could never expect recreate that incredible trip.  Guess that "you can never go home again" line can apply to vacations, too.

Curious George Indian Style

Last month I was in India.  There are plenty of stories to tell about that trip which I'll do by and by, but I've talked about "the monkey" so much that I had to post pictures now.
This wild monkey terrorized the Ganpatti Guesthouse in Varanasi where I stayed for 3 days. He was a large male who was always alone which is dangerous as they normally run in family packs and stay away from humans.  Everyday he would walk into guests' rooms looking for food and habitually trashed the dining terrace at dawn, tossing tables and chairs looking for snacks. He'd destroyed guests' property in his hunt and the week before I arrived, he'd bitten a female guest who'd tried to snatch her belongings from him!  As cute as he looks in the photos, he was a nasty bully.  (The hotel staff tried to scare him off with a stun-gun, but he kept coming back).  The monkey entered my room everyday via a terrace and tried to get into my backpack.  On the last day, he pulled the sheets off of me and my friend while we were sleeping.  The sight of that monkey running onto the terrace in the faint morning light trailing a flowered bedsheet behind him still cracks me up, but in that first moment we felt nothing but sheer terror!

First Photo

This is the first photo I've taken with my newly purchased iPhone.  I'm not a gadget geek at all, but I had to have this phone for the one simple feature that no other phone had (why?!): Visual Voicemail.  I don't answer every call (yes, shame on me), so voicemails can pile up.  Visual voicemail is a godsend!  .....   Anyway, I accidently selected the camera function while the phone was facing my living room (kitchen in the background).  This was the first time I'd seen that room on a screen so I took the shot.  While it's fuzzy and not lit very well, I like it.  

It's humbling to see how tiny my living room looks, though.  My one-bedroom rental barely measures 450 square feet, but I've never felt like this was a tiny apartment - until seeing this photo.  Nonetheless, I'm proud of my little space, and I'm happy that everyone who visits finds it fun and comfy.  

Why me?

With millions of blogs on the web, why add to the clutter?
I wish I had an altruistic answer, but the truth is I'm just another narcissist!
And this is my diary...
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